Our goal is to provide our customers 100% satisfaction with quality & reliable work. D18 Studios team works on a platform where we provide ‘PERFECT’ & ‘BEST’ work to our Artists/Clients by our Experts. We execute our Audio production, video production with one the best & quality equipments of today’s time, & our marketing campaigns executes on Google AdWords. So lets get started & let the people hear you.
We want to make it easy for each and every new individual artist/business/company to use our elite services & let the people see your quality.

Kindly go through this agreement carefully before buying/purchasing/using our services. By using our service, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms & conditions.

In accessing and using the services of ‘D18 Studios’, you commit to all terms and conditions set in this Terms and Conditions Agreement. Additional terms and conditions may apply to additional areas of the website or to particular negotiations or content posted on the site, in conjunction with the actual Terms of Use Agreement.

D18 Studios holds the right to make any change to the Terms and Conditions Agreement at any time. Customers who use the ‘D18 Studios’ website agree to follow any change or modification and are bound to the modified Terms of Use Agreement.

The website & the whole content of ‘D18 Studios’ are copyrighted & protected within our authority. Everything within the site belong expressly to D18 Studios or other copyright owners who have given express authorization to use their data/information on D18 Studios website.

D18 Studios do not make any guarantees about how long your musical order or any promotional campaign will take to successfully complete. Any time frames mentioned on ‘D18 Studios’ site (and it’s every sub part), by D18 Studios employees, in any chats, emails, phone conversations, or any other correspondence is not a guarantee of how long it will take the marketing campaign to successfully finish. Any estimate provided by ‘D18 Studios’ regarding how long a marketing campaign may take to successfully finish is simply a guideline designed to help our customers plan ahead.

This term only works for our promotional platform.
You may not run any other promotional campaigns while your D18 Studios marketing campaign is running. We use public statistics to measure the results of our campaign, which other campaigns may interfere with. If you do run other marketing campaigns simultaneously with D18 Studios marketing campaign, then you agree that ‘D18 Studios’ is responsible for every follower, view, comment, like, visit, and/or vote (including every reach and all engagements) that you gain during the duration of your our marketing campaign.

D18 Studios offers a perfect Guarantee with their services, but it also depends on customer’s response time for any of the respected project undertaken. If a customer uses any of our service & if in case he/she is not happy with the work then we can provide them more revisions for it for the full satisfaction..but there is no money back term for any of our service. And the final time in completing a project will depend on customer’s response time as well.

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