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D18 Studios is a well built Music Studio in West Delhi of crew D18 working from past 8 years, worked for over 500 artists/bands till date. D18 studios provides the best services that an artists need, including – Audio Vocal Recording, Music Making, Mixing/Mastering of songs, Video Production, Lyrics Writing, marketing/promotion and much more.
Our moto is to provide a good quality work under our prospective to our people at a very AFFORDABLE PRICE as compared to the high rated musical shops.
– D18 Studios is our music studio where we create records, produce & build new music for good artists. We believe in supporting new artists who may have talent but may lack in resources for it & we help them to provide it to the fullest.
Ideas always come when your ready to achieve something & we were eager to be a part of it. Yes we got ideas for music by listening to various international artists who were big that time like – Eminem, Chris brown, linkin park & more. Their music, their songs gave us light & strength to start something that we love to do. We gave our debut in late 2009 with our 1st single ‘Dhokha’.
We did alof of tracks ahead and completes 2 mixtapes & major singles that includes songs like – ‘Ho Na Juda’, ‘Love Reborn’, ‘Ishq Brandy’, ‘Jab Jago Tab Sawera’, ‘Sirf tu’, ‘Ho Gaya Halla’ ‘Bagat Singh Back’ & more.
~Words are limited..Not the Work !

D18 music studio
D18 Music Studio

 BIO of the founders of D18


D-18, an acryonm for Delhi-18, is a Rap, R&B (Hip Hop) crew from West Delhi, India.
The crew is a Duo of Double-S’ (Manish Semwal) and Raga (Anurag Atwal), both Engineers turned Musicians and they are proud to present singing in the overcrowded rap horizon of the hip hop landscape.
Formed in the Spring of 2010, it has made an immense impact on the Indian Underground Hip Hop Culture and has rose to a ubiquitous phenoma with their songs: Love Reborn, Ho Na Juda, Pyaar De, Ishq Brandy and many more. Their songs range from heart touching numbers like Love Reborn to aggressive rap like Girl-Aint-Friend to Club tracks like Ho Gaya Halla, their songs are influenced by their backgrounds and seasoned by a unique fusion of adrenaline pumping lyrics and feelings like aggression, patriotism and with the spirit of ‘Enjoying Life to the Best’. Their songs justify the fact that indeed ‘MUSIC SPEAKS FOR ITSELF’

Manish Semwal founder D18 studios

Manish Semwal (DoubLe-S’)

Anurag Atwal (Raga) Founder D18 Studios

Anurag Atwal (Raga)

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