Video Production

Video shoot

video shootVideo production is the process of creating video by capturing the moving images (videography), a video production generally includes two most important steps.

A) Pre production
B) Post production

The pre production involves video shoot in which the video is shot with the required camera & equipments with the whole crew. The most imporant segment in video shoot is work of DOP (Direction of photography) that take care of all direction & scripting of the respective video.

D18 studios provide an elite video production work which includes some required segments like :-

a) Good high quality camera with lens kit.
b) DOP (Direction of photography)
c) Perfect location for desired video shoot
d) Soft box lightings
e) Equipments like – Glide cam, slider, heavy Tripod, reflector & more
f) Post production video editing.

Video editing

video editingThis is also an important part in a video production before the videos releases. In this part video editing takes place in which there are some important segments :-
a) Frames placement
b) Color correction & color grading
c) Effects (VFX if required)
D18 Studios provides a best video editing work that is performed on FINAL CUT PRO (FCP) in imac.

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